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Ocular Disease Management

Doctors Wolf and Roberts have years’ worth of experience and a passion for the treatment and management of ocular diseases.

Ocular Disease Management

Complete Eyecare

Through years of clinical practice and continual learning, your doctors at Precision Family Eye Care have become experts in the area of ocular disease management.

We position ourselves at the forefront of medical eye care through the incorporation of the very best technology and the use of evidence based medicine to guide your treatment plans.

Premium Follow-Up Care

We also work closely with your primary care physicians to aid in coordination of care and have close working relationships with local ocular surgeons. Feel comfortable trusting your eyes to these professionals.

Services Overview

Precision Family Eye Care offers a wide range services for ocular disease management. These services include, but are not limited to:

In addition, we also provide minor surgical procedures such as foreign body removal and punctal plug insertion, a minor procedure used to treat dry eyes. Whether your problem is simple or complex, Precision Family Eye Care is your all in one destination for complete eye care. In the instance that you require surgical intervention for you eye condition(s), we will arrange a consultation with a trusted local surgeon.

Eye Encyclopedia

Our office environment is designed to be a complete, comfortable, educational, and rewarding experience.

Knowledge is power! Check out our blog to learn more about various eye conditions, treatments, and more.

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409 Lafollette Sta S Floyds Knobs, Indiana 47119 contact@precisionfamilyeyecare.com 812-728-8163