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With our state of the art technology for eye health, you can trust in the experience and diagnostic skills of Dr. Wolf and Dr. Roberts. Our patient family loves us for the thoroughness of our exams process, the precision of our prescriptions, and our genuine willingness to completely address all of your concerns and questions about your eyes. You matter to us!

Complete Ocular Health Exam

At Precision Family Eye Care, we firmly believe that a lifetime of healthy eyes is the result of routine ocular health examinations.

Pediatric Eye Care

We strongly recommend Pediatric Eye Care on all kids throughout childhood to ensure that the visual skills most parents enjoy are developed and learned properly by their child.

Cutting Edge Diagnostic & Specialty Treatment Technology

We believe that if you aren’t integrating cutting edge technology then you’re falling behind.

Contact Lens Evaluation and Specialty Fitting

The technology of contact lenses has come a long, long way in the past 20 years, solving most of the problems that people associate with them.

Ocular Disease Management

We're at the forefront of medical eye care through the incorporation of the very best technology and the use of evidence based medicine.

Specialty Contact Lenses

For many individuals Specialty Contact Lenses are the only way to achieve functional vision and lead a successful, fulfilling life.

Eye Surgery

We work very closely with excellent local referral centers and you can rest assured that we recommend only the best surgeons and will provide the best follow-up care.

Ready For Better Eye Health?

We're ready to help get you on the path to seeing the world through fresh eyes. Schedule your appointment today!

409 Lafollette Sta S Floyds Knobs, Indiana 47119 contact@precisionfamilyeyecare.com 812-728-8163