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Pediatric Eye Care

Eyecare Throughout Childhood

A common question often asked is when or how often should a child have their eyes checked? At Precision Family Eye Care, we strongly recommend Pediatric Eye Care on all kids throughout childhood to ensure that the visual skills most parents enjoy are developed and learned properly by their child.

Infants 8-14 Months Old

Doctors Wolf and Roberts are both InfantSee providers and suggest all infants receive complementary exams. This no charge evaluation is far more advanced that pediatrician visits and will screen for any serious ocular disease, eye turns, or large prescriptions that may prevent a child from learning vision properly

3 Years Old

Surprising to most parents, an adult eye exam including all major parts of Complete Ocular Health Exam can be performed on most children 3 years of age and older. This is a very important visit that will expand upon the initial results of the infant exam and serve as an excellent baseline visit for future monitoring.

Pre-School/Kindergarten and Beyond

Once children enter school a Complete Ocular Health Exam should become a yearly routine straight through high school. A child’s body is constantly changing through this age range and the eyes are no different. A child’s prescription will statistically change more during this time than at any other time during their lives and therefore require routine monitoring.

Myopia Control During Childhood

One of the most common conditions we see in daily practice is myopia (or near-sightedness). For far too long, myopia progression in children has been considered a largely benign condition requiring no more than simply “getting new glasses” or “updating the contact lenses.” In reality, progressive myopia in children can have profound impacts on both the quality of life as well as ballooning the life-time risks of serious sight threatening ocular disease. Fortunately, there are several extremely successful ways of controlling the progressive nature of of myopia. There is no one size fits all approach and often times we will employ multiple options.


No Worries, Your Glasses Are Covered

Our Bumper-to-Bumper 2-Year Glasses Warranty

And Our Contact Lens Buy-Back Guarantee

At Precision Family Eye Care, our mission is to provide our patients the highest quality products and services available. This promise is reflected in our best-in-the-business glasses warranty of all premium coated lenses purchased from our office. Precision Family Eye Care will repair or replace defective frames and we will also remake one right lens and one left lens on any pair of premium coated lenses for 2 years!!

As a consumer, you shouldn’t have to pay extra to warranty an inferior product. Our warranty is iron clad and included with all our premium coated lenses sold. We provide only the highest quality frames, materials, and lens coatings and we want all patients to feel comfortable knowing that we stand behind our products with the best warranty in the industry.

When you are buying contact lenses, you are not buying just the contacts - you are buying the competence and the experience of a doctor who has prescribed and provided them for you. At Precision Family Eye Care, we are so confident that you’ll love the vision and feel of your contacts that if you’re not completely satisfied, we will buy them back.

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409 Lafollette Sta S Floyds Knobs, Indiana 47119 contact@precisionfamilyeyecare.com 812-728-8163